Garden Consultation Service

As a qualified horticulturalist and designer, I offer a garden consultation service - whatever size your garden.

It is not always necessary to commission a garden design and that is why I also offer a detailed consultation service which has proved very popular for those clients who need immediate solutions and guidance. As a paid service, it allows me to focus my skills on giving genuine and useful advice and allowing clients to either feel confident to start their own garden transformations, or indeed be fully appraised and confident about why they want to hire me and which of my services they need. 

Perhaps you know that your garden is not working for you, but you are not sure what to do about it and would like me to look at your garden from a designers perspective and make recommendations for improvements. e.g. year round interest and more colour in late summer, or create more visual interest, or improve practicality of your outside space.

The detailed consultation will start with a viewing of your garden. I will listen to any ideas you may have and will then start to take a view on the direction that your garden space could take. At the consultation, I will guide you through the range of design services I offer and will also give you an indicative range of costs for your project.

Whatever your requirements, I will tailor my service to ensure your needs are met.

If you would like further information and costs in respect of this service, please "Contact Us"