Terms and Conditions


  1. The client will be responsible for all payments to – Unique Landscapes Ltd - unless otherwise notified in writing prior to commencement.


  1. The client shall provide water, electricity and toilet facilities within a utility room/location at no charge to - Unique Landscapes Ltd.


  1. The client shall provide access to site during - Unique Landscapes Ltd - normal working hours and storage space for materials during the contract progress.


  1. Any addition and/or alterations to the schedule shall be properly treated as variations and subject to written instructions.


  1. Unique Landscapes Ltd- is not able to accept responsibility for any damage to (or cost involved with) any underground hazards, obstructions or services not made known to us in writing or apparent on visual inspection. Any additional work due to hidden obstructions such as concrete, large stones etc. will carry an additional charge unless specified in your quotation.


  1. An individual deposit of a given value based upon each bespoke project would be included & requested at the time of each signed agreement / project.  No works would commence until the deposit payment is paid in full.


  1. All quotations are valid for 14 days from quotation date.


  1. All extras to be agreed & signed for & paid on completion. 


  1. Stage payments of against works completed /materials on site to be made at set intervals if the work runs to several weeks. Final payment to be made following completion of all work.


  1. All, or any special conditions, of which - Unique Landscapes Ltd- has been informed are noted in the quotation.


  1. It is most important and the responsibility of the Client to ensure we are made aware of any special/statutory bylaws/conditions/permissions/conservation areas that may be involved.


  1. We accept no responsibility for works that have been carried out on land that is not under the ownership of the client and it is assumed that all planning laws or regulations have been applied before commencement of any works.


  1. We are not able to accept responsibility for the wellbeing and maintenance of living plant material, including turf, following practical substantial completion unless a maintenance contract is in existence.


  1. If necessary, we reserve the right to substitute any plant with another of equal value and growth/habitat/colour in accordance with the specification.


  1. After practical substantial completion, we are not able to accept responsibility for any damage through the elements, including drought, winds, rain and frost to any material(s) including plants.


  1. Upon practical substantial completion the responsibility for the care and watering of all plants, lawns, etc., is handed over to the client and will require regular attention until established.


  1. Severe weather conditions, including drought, may cause the delay of the start date of the contract.


  1. Delays caused by other companies on site may cause work to be rescheduled and charges may be made in certain circumstances.




  1. All landscaping materials, plants/trees/shrubs inclusive, will remain the property of Unique Landscapes Ltd until final payment is made within the payment structure of these Quotations/Specifications. All plants supplied, should they be included within any agreed works, will be in a fit & healthy condition & will remain so under the care of Unique Landscapes Ltd whilst on site & up to the completion of the enclosed works. It will be the responsibility of the client to care for & look after all plants thereafter. Unique Landscapes Ltd will assist in giving professional advice & recommendations for care whilst on site but cannot be liable for any failures once they have left site as they will have no further control of any actions taken by others or the loss of newly planted trees & shrubs to animals in unprotected rural or urban areas. These general factors also apply to landscape materials incorporated within the proposed build.



  1. Unique Landscapes Ltd Quotations/Specifications are based on normal soil conditions and do not include factors below ground, whether geological, man-made e.g. buried building rubble or pertaining to water which adversely affect normal construction, and in particular factors unforeseen or otherwise where rock, hidden obstacles, couch grass or similar perennial weeds, Japanese Knot weed, un-stable sub-soil or sub-surface water are encountered and other factors unknown to us. Based on the afor mentioned we shall be entitled to fair and reasonable increase in our price for any work involved.


  1. In the event of cables, underground pipes and unforeseen hidden obstacles that might be required to be diverted, removed or might become damaged duringconstruction, the cost of removal, diversion and repairs shall be an extra charge to the client at a fair price based on the cost of such work.


  1. Where part of the work is being undertaken by the client, or other parties hired by the client, other than ourselves, our price submitted is based on this work being carried out to a professional standard, with regard to proper precautions so our work is not jeopardised in any way. We cannot be held responsible if any landscaped areas sinking due to poorly compacted or made up ground from other works carried out by other contractors before Unique Landscapes Ltd commenced or during work on site.


  1. Note: We would like to mention is that of the weather. Over recent years we have experienced unprecedented amounts of wet weather & extremes of temperatures. Unfortunately, this is something that we have no control over & something that can extend projects & pass the original completion date. We will always continue where & when we can but this can stop cash flow & delays the start of the next project for our teams of workers.


  1. All materials on site remain the property of - Unique Landscapes Ltd- until payment is received in full.


  1. Any surplus materials will remain the property of Unique Landscapes Ltd.


  1. Maintenance is not included in the contract unless specified.


  1. We reserve the right to change these terms and conditions at any time.