We offer a full garden design service for clients, whether it's a small town garden or a larger landscape.

There are three stages within the initial design procedure:

Initial visit 

To view your garden and to listen and discuss your individual requirements, in terms of function, design, planting and your individual taste.  During the visit we will provide practical advice and offer ideas and suggestions that draw on our many years of experience and knowledge of the latest construction techniques in landscaping.  From this we create the design brief and shape the garden to meet your needs.       


This would include an accurate and complete site survey of all existing buildings, any existing and relevant boundary lines, levels, and drainage etc. 


A hand drawn A1 size sketch plan would be produced to scale, and presented to you for discussion. At this time any relevant changes would be made and the plan would be deemed acceptable for completion. This plan would form the basis for any future construction work.  


Planting plans are an optional extra.  These would be over-laid on top of the construction plan and based on detailed discussions with you in respect of your favourite colours and certain varieties etc.  A plan would be drawn up to form the basis of any future planting work.  We can assist with sourcing the plants from specialist nurseries and growers to ensure strong healthy specimens.

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